Gingis Academy of Music is proud to offer a variety of different exciting courses that are available on an individual as well as group basis. In addition to private and group lessons, students are encouraged to participate in variety of ensembles offered at our school including jazz, string, woodwinds/winds and chamber ensembles. Every program, whether it's piano, violin, viola, guitar, voice, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, or cello incorporates introduction to theory, history and literature of music, stage performances, and annual certifications.

Individual Lessons
Individual lessons are available in:
piano, violin, viola, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe and voice. Gingis Academy of Music instructors, distinguished performers and teachers from the United States, Europe and Asia bring a wealth of experience to their students. They provide each student with a foundation in the physical demands of the instrument, the basics of reading music, and the technical and interpretative skills of performing.

Group Lessons
The group lessons provide students with an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of music, ear training, solfege, rhythmic training, music history and literature.

For Adults
All individual instruction and group lessons are available to adult students. It is never too late to learn.

Piano Lessons
Gingis Academy of Music offers both individual and group piano instruction.
Designed for our youngest students, group lesson instruction focuses on essentials of piano playing: note reading, rhythm and meter recognition, music notation and elementary music theory. Usually only three months in duration, group lessons prepare our pre-schoolers for a much more demanding individual instruction lessons.
Individual instruction is designed according to student's goals, needs and abilities. We are proud to offer both primary and secondary musical education, that is inspired by the world-known Russian piano school. Our piano programs allow the students to reach the highest degrees of pianism.

Violin and Viola Lessons
Gingis Academy of Music offers violin and viola lessons to beginners as well as students who have reached a professional level of performance. We are happy to announce that many of our string department students have been accepted into the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, the California Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as many other local symphonies and orchestras.
Our string department program is designed to accommodate the needs of every student, depending on their level. Technical proficiency and development is also tailored on an individual basis, taking every aspect of the students abilities and needs into consideration.

Guitar lessons
Lessons are available for all skill levels from beginning to advanced, ages 8 and older.
Beginning students will learn guitar fundaments including tuning, right and left hand fingering techniques, music notation and reading, chords, tone production, and applicable music theory. Familiar music pieces will be introduced from the first lesson to help the student immediately apply these fundamentals.
Concentrations in Classical and Flamenco guitar are offered, although all types of music are taught based on student preference.

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe
Individual: Available for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced students. Both classical and jazz concentration are available, however, the repertoire covered is designed individually, depending on the need of the student.  Learn the techniques of playing the saxophone and other woodwind instruments, study both standard and new repertoire, and improve your ability to interpret and perform music in a positive, encouraging environment. Individual lessons allow for absolute detail and attention to a student's progress. 

Group: Semi-private lessons are a great alternative for those who would prefer to be learning amongst people of their same ability on their own instrument. Group lessons range from 2-6 students and offer activities geared at fostering the group’s collective progress: breathing exercises, music in multiple parts, listening, etc. Encouraged for beginners.               

Vocal Lessons
Class instruction is tailored on an one-on-one basis for each student, based on the student's abilities and interests. Our instructors are experienced in accommodating all ages and levels of vocal proficiency.
Basic style of the Gingis Academy of Music instructors is traditional classic and operatic. In addition to these, they are able to accommodate some repertoires from popular songs to Broadway musicals.
For beginning students, the instructions will be aimed at one's self-consciousness, tone production, breathing, legato singing, diction and musical accuracy. Work will be mainly concentrated in class with minimal extra-curriculum requirement. Student's ability to read music is not absolutely required.
For advanced students, the instructions will be on the correction of individual vocal faults, legato singing and solo-performance techniques with emphasis on the development of good musicianship.

 Chamber ensembles:
Designed for intermediate to advanced instrumentalists who are interested in chamber group experience. Chamber ensemble is an excellent preparation for students wishing to join chamber or a symphony orchestra: it covers classical repertoire and gives a rare opportunity to gain experience performing in a group.

Tuition for group lessons starts as low as $25 for an hour lesson. Individual instruction lesson starts from only $60 for an hour. Due to the fact that tuition varies depending on a range of factors: instructor's professionalism, experience, duration, frequency and number of classes the student is enrolled in, we urge you to contact our office for further details. Please be advised that the first appointment is always free, so make yours today to get to know our school, faculty, programs and students.

Gingis Academy of Music is proud to announce that we have a variety of discounts and scholarships available.
10% "Family member" discount is applicable to parents and siblings only.
10% "Additional course" discount is applicable to the same person enrolled in more than one discipline.
*Please note that discounts may not be combined and are applicable to students enrolled in 60 minute weekly private instruction lessons, attending the Academy on the regular basis*
The Gingis Academy of Music Scholarship is available to winners of our competition, and is awarded annually.



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